Upcoming events

FEBRUARY  2, 2018 ~ 9:30 a.m.
CWU will be meeting at First Presbyterian Church located at 215 Locust NE (just west of 1-25 between MLK Dr. and Central)
PROGRAM:  We will be hearing about the wonderful mission of "Road Runner Food Bank"  This organization has been distributing food for thirty-eight years and provides food directly to approximately 70,000 hungry people each week.

Ecumenical project for Friday,  2, 2018:  "Wings For Life"
Donations can be anything you would take to Goodwill ~  Examples: kitchen supplies, towels, sheets, rugs, shoes, and clothing.  Checks can also be made to:
Wings For Life

MARCH 2, 2018 ~ 9:30 ~ World Day of Prayer
CWU will be meeting at Asbury United Methodist Church 
Located at 10000 Candelaria Rd. NE
* No Ecumenical project for this meeting